COVID-19 Protocols

Updated: 11/05/2020

These protocols were made based on recommendations and guidelines from the CDC to protect our students, staff, and faculty. Guidelines are continually changing and we will send emails with any changes made/adjusted.


  • “Six- Feet-Safe” in the classrooms: The floor will be marked to show dancers where to stand.

  • Dancers are required to wear face masks in class and will receive breathing breaks when needed.
  • Parents are to check for fevers before sending their child to dance.

  • Social-Distancing upon entering and exiting the building.

  • Students must wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before and after class.

  • Between each class: all barres, chairs, doorknobs, light switches and common areas will be disinfected.

  • Class times will be modified to allow us to disinfect and for transition times to limit the number of people in the building.

  • If communal props are used they will be sanitized before and after each use; however, we recommend dancers bring a yoga mat for Acro class. Dancers may use our mats if they do not bring one of their own.

  • No cellphones will be allowed. If a parent must send a child to class with a cell phone in their bag, it must be in a sealed ziploc. Phones are breeding grounds for spreading germs.

  • No Food!!!
  • Reusable water bottles can be brought with dancers name clearly written.

  • A small bag may be brought with only items that the dancer absolutely needs.

  • Class sizes will be limited to ensure social distancing and to limit amount of people in the building.

  • We encourage dancers to use the bathroom at home before coming to class. If a student needs to use the bathroom, they may. Bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned in our cleaning process as well.


  • The lobby will be closed and only students, staff, and faculty will be allowed in the building.

  • Drop-off and pick-up will be at the front entrance. Dancers will be greeted by the teacher at the front door which leads directly into their respective dance room. Dancer pick-up will also follow the same format. We ask for patience at pick-up and drop-off as we will have to do this one at a time to avoid congregating.


  • Any dancer feeling ill should stay home (Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc).

  • Any dancer living with a family member who is ill should stay home.

  • Any dancer who knowingly might have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 should stay home.

  • Any dancer that has returned from a state that is on the CT Travel Advisory list in the last 14 days.

  • Anyone who feels like they cannot comply with all procedures should also stay home.

  • Anyone who is not comfortable returning to dance just yet.

We ask to be notified if any dancer tests positive for COVID-19. We will not disclose the dancer’s name, but we will notify the parents of anyone that has come in contact with the COVID-19 positive dancer.

We are excited to continue classes at Thrive, but we must insist that everyone take a very serious and cautious approach. We ALL want to stay safe & well! We continue to be humbled that you entrust your precious children to us; we love them as our own!