Gabriella Sibeko

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Gabriella Sibeko was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She studied in both the Scholarship and Certificate Program at The Ailey School, graduating in May of 2016. She has performed works by Alvin Ailey, Nathan Trice, Mike Esperenza, Yoshito Sakaruba, Ellenore Scott, Hope Boykin, Francesca Harper, Andrea Ward, Jon Rua, Jacqueline Buglisi, Lauren Cox, Emily Greenwell and Dwight Rhoden to name a few. She co-choreographed the international video campaign entitled “Freedom: International Day of the Girl” produced by The Global Goals Production, affiliated with Beyonce Knowles. Ms. Sibeko has been a guest performer for Abarukas Dance and Cullen&Them and has worked and traveled as an assistant for Nathan Trice, Emily Greenwell and Erica Sobol. She is currently dancing for NYC-based companies, MGM + Artists, BARE Dance Company, Hivewild, ELSCO Dance Company, Jon Rua’s TheGrit and DEPTH Dance.

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