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Vincent Nicholas Patino aka ‘ITM’ (pronounced ‘ITEM’), from Shelton, CT – “Dance is my passion! Movement is my lifestyle! I consider dance as an extension of my soul and self-identity. This cultural art form is ultimately how I define myself.”

Vincent has studied and trained in dance for over 20 years with some of Connecticut’s finest dancers and instructors as well as many world renowned choreographers. He has been pursuing dance as a choreographer, director, performer and competitor on a professional level for the past decade. Genres of study include Hip- Hop, Contemporary, Popping, Tutting, Krump, Urban Choreography, and Composition.

Vincent has choreographed, danced, directed, performed, and competed for multiple dance companies including Symphonic Pulse Dance, Compound Crooks, Megahurtz Entertainment, Hip Hop Theory, Linear Image, and Kalligraphy. 

Vincent’s most recent accolades include performing on stage with World Renowned K-Pop Group BTS for their 2019 Love Yourself Tour, making it to the Top 100 of The Academy in Season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance, placing 2nd place in World of Dance Boston 2017 and 3rd place in Prelude NY 2018 with Kalligraphy. Vincent is a seasoned competitor having reached international competition platforms such as World of Dance Finals and Hip Hop International. 

Vincent enjoys sharing his knowledge of both the dance industry and underground culture as well as the diverse range of technical skills he’s obtained through his dance journey with his students. He loves seeing his students grow and develop as both dancers and distinguished members of the community. 

“I am a firm believer that true growth and understanding happens when the disciplines, foundations, and work ethic learned in class are applied to all aspects of Life; not just the highlighted craft. These focuses should not just start and stop when you enter or exit the studio respectively. I encourage everyone studying this art form to reflect on the lessons when you step away from the art. If you want to grow and better understand yourself, Dance can help you discover so much about who you are as an individual. 

By studying not just the techniques but the foundations/roots/history of the cultures behind the movements that influenced the aesthetics we’ve come to enjoy today, we can understand how to better positively impact the world around us and create a brighter future for the generations to come. This is why I do this. Each One, Teach One.”

-Vincent ‘ITM’ Patino

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