Thrive: The Essence of Dance, was founded in 2014 by lifelong dancer and experienced choreographer, Persephonie Alvarez. She provides a fresh, unique take on the traditional dance experience by drawing on an insightful and versatile background. Persephonie combines her passion for dancing with her studies in Evolutionary Psychology and human growth and development. This combination of studying both dance and the human mind has enabled her to take a broadened approach to dance where it is not only an art and a skill, but a model for everyday life.

Persephonie pushes her students to fight past comfort zones and adversities while also providing a safe emotional outlet through the art of dance. It is her goal as a teacher and to help her students find their personal best and explore areas where perhaps they may have feared to explore. In her life and for her students, she maintains high expectations by instilling important life skills such as persistence, discipline, commitment, and hard work. Persephonie’s unique approach also supports the spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being of each student as a focal point of instruction.

Rather than providing a mere physical dance experience, Persephonie immerses herself into the entire being of each of her students and invests in their journey towards holistic excellence.

“We do not settle for mediocrity, but rather aspire passionately to reach our personal potential; that is, to Thrive. This is the essence of dance.”


Persephonie Alvarez-Langlois

Taylor Lemme

Kyra Alvarez

Kelsey Kaminski

Kelly Kaleta

Evan DeBenedetto

Amelia Lowe

Mitch Kilby

Sarah Lewandowski

Vincent Patino

Gabriella Sibeko

Sarah Possenti