Thrive is a dance studio where your dancer will feel welcome, safe, and be given quality instruction by experienced instructors.

Theresa C.Parent

We love our Thrive Tribe and they love us.

“Wonderful, caring and experienced dance studio! My daughter joined Thrive before her 3rd birthday and we have seen so much progress in just 1yr. She loves dancing and is always excited for her ballet and tap classes! The owner is absolutely amazing & we truly enjoy being a part of Thrive!”

Veronica G.Parent

“We love Thrive. My daughter is going into her 5th year dancing there. I can not ask for a better studio. The teachers are all amazing. The studio is a great place for young kids to enjoy doing what they love.”

Danielle D.Parent

“The best place to dance; the director is sooo positive and nice, all the students are supportive of one another and make it a happy place, and the dancing and technique are absolutely amazing!! I wouldn’t want my second home to be anywhere else.”

Josie K.Student

“We love Thrive! Persephonie creates a loving and supportive atmosphere for the dancers and their families. My daughter continues to thrive here and I’d recommend this studio highly!”

Kristen H.Parent

“Great dance studio! Friendly teachers, award winning choreography. The owner/director is professional, experienced, and nurturing to the students and parents. Many activities for the children at all levels of dance, from beginners to advanced.”

Sergio A.Parent

“My daughter has never been happier. Thank you to all the students and teachers who make this possible. Thrive is a happy place with amazing dancers and dance instruction. My daughter truly feels part of the Thrive family.”

Kristine E.Parent

“Thrive is amazing! The staff is super kind and love helping their students grow! The director/owner, Persephonie, welcomes everyone with open arms! My daughter has been a part of the Thrive family for 4 years and love being a party of a great family!”

Tanya F.Parent

“After moving to Easton, we needed to find a new dance studio for my daughter. She started and danced at her old studio for almost 6 years,so knew this was going to be hard. Persephonie and the team at Thrive made her feel so welcome. No pun intended, she totally is “thriving”! Looking forward to many years at Thrive!”

Michelle O.Parent

“I definitely recommend this studio for all ages! The director, Persephonie Alvarez is KIND and amazing and makes all new students welcome! She always has each and every one of her students best interests at heart!! The studio is positive, fun, and all around amazing!! As a student at thrive, I have experienced all the positivity Thrive has to offer!!! Thrive is the family that keeps on growing!!❤️❤️”

Ainsley L.Student

“Thrive is a family of supportive, kind, loving, and driven dancers and instructors. Never have I met a group of people so encouraging and caring. The instructors are just as passionate as the dancers, making for a fun, efficient learning environment. The owner is an excellent role model and everyone inspires each other every day. I love dancing here with such incredible people💜”

Sidney S.Student

“We couldn't ask for a more nurturing dance environment for our daughter! Persephonie combines amazing technique and stellar dance instruction in a fun, inspiring atmosphere that instills joy, passion, and confidence in her students. We were immediately welcomed with open arms and felt part of the family the day we joined! There is a reason it's called Thrive—it's definitely the place for dancers who want to learn, grow, and thrive.”

Marcy K.Parent

“Thrive is a dance studio where your dancer will feel welcome, safe, and be given quality instruction by experienced instructors. Persephonie Alvarez and her staff have created a family where your dancer is cared about as a whole dancer, mind, and body!”

Theresa C.Parent

“A few years ago, we had just so happen to be speaking with a friend whose daughter was taking a class and my daughter seemed interested. I texted Persephonie that day and my daughter trialed the class and LOVED it. Meeting Persephonie was like talking to an old friend, welcoming us like we had always belonged. The compassion, dedication and amazing positivity we felt with each teacher, stems from the philosophy of the school and of course, the owner, Persephonie. We are lucky to be a part of such a great dance school that really makes it feel like a family, a home away from home.”

Michelle B.Parent

“If you're looking for an amazing dance studio, then Thrive is for you. Their passion for dance and kind and welcoming atmosphere creates a wonderful and fun learning environment for my girls. Looking forward to an awesome dance year!!!”

Tanya K.Parent

“My 3 daughters ages 11, 8, and 6 all dance at Thrive. The owner, Persephonie is so caring and patient, and her passion for dance is contagious. She has not only taught my girls proper technique in a fun engaging way, but has instilled in them valuable qualities—teamwork, responsibility and hard work. All of the instructors have helped them grow into confident dancers. I am so thankful that my daughters have found such a wonderful dance studio and a mentor in Persephonie!”

Kimberley L.Parent

“My daughter had been dancing at Thrive since Persephonie opened the studio. She is an amazing teacher who fosters a caring and supporting environment. I highly recommend Thrive!”

Marijane P.Parent

“I could not be happier with the choice that I made to sign my daughter up at THRIVE. She has continued there for almost 4yrs, loves to dance and has made some friends that I hope she’ll have many years to come. Persephonie has an amazing studio with a fantastic staff.”

April G.Parent

“My daughter started dancing at Thrive a little over 3 years ago. This studio is amazing. The owner/director is the best of the best. She has not only created an environment where dancers learn great technique, passion, and creativity, but also where they learn self confidence, team work, and dedication.”

Lisa A.Parent

“Persephonie is not only a dance teacher, but a mentor, friend, parent, artist, and sister to all of her Thrive students. Her hard work and dedication inspire me as a person and dancer to work hard for my dreams. Persephonie worked 2 other jobs aside from working at Thrive. She works SO incredibly hard to make the dancers and studio the best they could possibly be. From motivational videos, pep talks, and more…Persephonie always motivates us to be better every day. Not only has Persephonie inspired us and improved us in dance but she improves our character as well.”

Lauren M.Student

“Persephonie is a wonderful teacher! She has made me and everyone else at THRIVE a much better dancer and she gives everyone wonderful training. She makes everyone laugh and she has a great personality. She is beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and awesome!! I would definitely recommend going to the Thrive family. Persephonie is the BEST teacher and choreographer ever!!!”

Madison S.Student

“We love Persephonie and her dance studio!!!”

Chris K.Parent