Persephonie’s dancers have been successful in the competitive arena since she first began choreographing in 2011. Since then, her pieces have received numerous choreography and high point awards. Thrive’s talented company members have been recipients of various first place awards including overall highest score of the competition, scholarships, and invitations to nationals from regional and local competitions including two perfect score awards in 2019 and 2021. In only their second year, Thrive was awarded the ADCC Studio of Excellence Award by Turn It Up Dance Challenge. Thrive’s company members have continued to exemplify excellence in their art and were awarded this prestigious title again in 2018, 2021, and 2022.

Thrive’s intensive dance company consists of well-rounded and serious dancers who make dance their priority. Intensive level dancers may be placed in a recreational level piece at Persephonie’s discretion.

Requirements Include:

  • Two weekly ballet classes and participation in Nutcracker, one stretch/leaps class, modern, hip-hop OR tap, and any genre in which you compete. Tap and hip-hop are both recommended to expand dancers’ repertoire in ways that contemporary alone does not.
  • Commitment to 3 mandatory local competitions and 2 conventions OR 1 convention and nationals.
  • Commitment to a minimum of 2 summer ballet classes, 1 stretch or leaps class, hip-hop OR tap, and any genre in which you compete OR the equivalent.
  • Participation in at least 3 master classes offered throughout the year.

Our competition dancers under the age of 9 get an early advantage to the performance experience and technical excellence acquired from participating in our company, with reasonable expectations for their age.

Requirements Include:

  • 2 ballet classes, one stretch/leaps class, and any genre in which you compete (more are encouraged)
  • Commitment to 3 mandatory dance competitions & 1 convention
  • 2 ballet classes, stretch/leaps, and any genre in which you compete in our summer program or the equivalent

We realize that some dancers want to participate in dance competitions just for fun. The recreational dance company allows dancers to compete at a casual and low-demand level.

Requirements Include:

  • 1 ballet class, 1 stretch/leaps class, and any genre in which you compete
  • Commitment to 3 mandatory dance local competitions and 2 master classes offered throughout the year
  • One ballet class and one class of choice in our summer program or the equivalent.

The mini and petite recreational companies are for our youngest stars in training that are looking to prep for a competitive dance experience at a causal and low-demand level. Members of this team range from ages 3-6 years old for mini and 7-9 for petite and do not need any experience! They get to experience all fun that the competition world has to offer while also being introduced to dedication and hard work at a young age. The time and financial commitment to join the mini team is kept to a minimum.

Requirements Include:

  • One ballet class (more are encouraged)
  • Commitment to 3 local dance competitions (within an hour or less driving distance)
  • No summer requirements but one creative movement or ballet class is recommended

For more information on Thrive Company and for our company handbook, please email